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A Brief Note on the Past – Parsha Naso

Parsha Naso is very long; one hundred and seventy-six verses. It records a number of very distinct subjects. Some now obscure; other still relevant to the conduct of our daily lives. Some unsophisticated and others unrefined, meant for a time now long … Continue reading

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A Brief Note on Actions and Consequences – Parshot Behar and Bechukotai

This week the two portions that complete Sefer VaYikra, are read: Parsha Behar and Parsha Bechukotai. They offer a simple premise: obey God’s laws and be blessed, disobey His commandments and be cursed.

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A Brief Note on Expectations – Parshot Achrei Mot and Kedoshim

This week’s Torah reading consists of two parshas: Achrei Mot and Kedoshim. These texts record the last of the laws relating to the sacrificial rite and then the focus returns to the special social and cultural weal that God expected the Israelites … Continue reading

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