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A Brief Note on Romance, Ruses and Revenge – Parsha Vayetzei

Parsha Vayetzei is the most colourful narrative of the Torah. To the naked eye it presents as a sophisticated farce equal to the any of the Shakespearean Comedies, containing the mainstay elements of love, deception and retribution

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A Brief Note on Consequences, Anticipated and Not – Parsha Chayei Sarah

The opening narrative of this week’s Torah reading, Parsha Chaye Sarah records the events that followed on the near sacrifice of Isaac by his father, the Akedah Yitzhak. First, we are told of the death of Sarah who passed away at the ripe old age … Continue reading

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A Brief Note on a Holocaust – Parsha Vayeira

It is fair to say that one of the most renowned of the Torah’s narratives is the almost sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, the Akedah, which is recorded at the conclusion of this week’s Torah reading, Parsha VaYera. Briefly, Sarah is at last blessed … Continue reading

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